Video Production

CLIENT | HealthRIGHT 360
YEAR | 2019

Restorative Justice ILT

Attributes: iMovie, Garageband, Illustrator

The program manager of a Criminal Justice Diversion program, CoCo LEAD+, approached me because few people in the community or the reentry population understood the concept of Restorative Justice; which was problematic because these were their primary audiences. Restorative Justice was a primary component of their Housing First Diversion Program.

A live ILT was developed in-house, and this short film was used to begin the dialogue for a module that examined the concept of justice, and how the circle can help heal individuals, families and communities.

CLIENT | Author & Activist Ginny Berson

Author Episode Promo

Attributes: VideoScribe, Garageband, Photoshop

The podcast, Just Say It, features individuals who are making a difference on the social landscape. This particular episode featured a local Bay Area Activist who has been fighting for human rights most of her life. She also just authored a memoir based on beginning the Olivia Record Label in her twenties. This in the height of Feminism. This episode aimed to draw attention to her new book online, alongside other marketing efforts.


The episode was recorded shortly after the murder of George Floyd.