How to administer Narcan - micro-Learning

Attributes: 7Taps, Instructional Design

Year: 2022

Client: Horizon Services, Inc

Category: Micro-Learning, distributed to 125 staff cellphones

Challenge: Create something impactful, practical, short and immediately accessible for front-line staff who need to respond quickly to overdoses in a treatment program

Solution: Design a micro-learning module for staff referral as often as necessary

Results: Within the first week of distribution, multiple staff thanked their managers for the simple information, reporting they were no longer intimidated to use Narcan. Also, a staff member administered Narcan and successfully revived an overdosed client.

Our Relationship to Stress - eLearning

Attributes: Articulate RISE, Video Scribe, Instructional Design

Year: 2020 - 2021

Client: Western Governors University - Faculty

Category: Professional Development - eLearning component of a Hybrid Workshop

Challenge: Generate an experience that will acknowledge and address the growing attrition and burnout rates in the field of teaching.

Solution: Design a series of brief, successive modules to be completed at the professional's leisure. Casual tone, full of simple reminders about physiology and stress, attitude and choice, self-care and focus. Download-ables and exercises to practice new skills.

Results: Perceived stress of the workplace decreased, stress-combatting attitudes and skillsets increased.

Examples of Interactive Practice within the eLearning

Interactive Experience: Learners practice distinguishing between whether daily irritations fall within their circles of influence and concern.

Interactive Experience: Learners engage with the image for more detailed information on the topic of Bio-Psycho-Social Theory.

Examples of Skill in Focus Exercises